Quick question, which may have already been covered. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Completely unresponsive joystick I used the controller on a Raspberry pi 2 with the Retropie emulator. For the same reasons I am swaying away from the replacement stick option, as appealing as the Game Cube stick would be for its apparent durability. Want to add to the discussion?

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Rretrolink all 7 brand new listings. I still have originals and put a lot of research into how to retrolink n64 the analog retrolink n64 as the do wear out. Reply Reply as topic. They can be wired, wireless, and support multiple systems.

While you can play retrollnk classic console games on your PC retrolink n64 well with a keyboard or a generic Xbox control, the best strategy is to use a controller with the same layout as the game was designed for in the first place. For a ridiculously low price you get a retrolink n64 USB replica of retrolink n64 N64 control. The mixed reviews I find elsewhere for Retrolink N64 controllers seem to come from people who are less experienced with how the analogue stick should perform, especially in games like Goldeneye when precision aiming.

Just like the original Nintendo 64 controller but with USB connection and it works properly with my Mac and Nintendo 64 emulator. I’ve used this for a couple weeks now, and O haven’t had any problems with it.


In the long term, the analog sticks aren’t that great on the retrolink n64 controllers. The controller was recognised immediately and the configuration was easy.

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Submit a new link. The V ones I have fixed most retrolink n64 the issues in that article as far as dead zone and the early sticks couldn’t do some of the SSB moves.

RetroPie subscribe unsubscribe 50, readers retrolink n64 here now Current Version – 4. They are just more sensitive to retrolink n64 movement. Quick question, which may have already been covered. I just need to know how to retrloink these.

As for the CG sticks. Does anyone have a config or a link to a config for this controller? However, the joystick makes contact only at the edges of its range. Most problem would be solved well on the base of friendly communicate. Note that they aren’t testing the newest GC style control sticks that I have. That last detail is very retrolink n64, since it seems this is the only N64 controller that has an actual analog retrolink n64 and not an emulated digital one.

Thank you lodan-zark and mrbwa1 for sharing your experience with the RetroLink N64 controller.


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I found the inputautoconfig file on sftp which made it way easier. Thanks for all the insights. Reply Quote -1 1 Reply Last reply. I would guess retrolink n64 that they probably use the modules as they are out there and cheap.

Retrolink n64 there will be a V4 replacement stick, which will have more levels of sensitivity and less dead zone.

Although I found the 3-,3 worked for me. Retrolink Nintendo 64 Classic N6 Nintendo 64 has one of the most amazing game libraries of any console. For a few casual games, the generic USB reproductions are okay. There are some complaints about the sensitivity of the stick though, which seems to be far too acute retrolink n64 the box. The problem is that computers generally have only a retroliink and mouse for control. I used the controller retrolink n64 a Raspberry pi 2 with the Retropie emulator.

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