Just be wary of potential interference from other wireless devices, like the wireless mouse or keyboard you might want to use with the StreamHD. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Facebook Twitter Google Reddit. Family members, friends or affiliates of Warpia and SlashGear are not permitted to enter. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world.

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Prospero, Warpia Editor on. In order to use the StreamHD, we had to install software via the included CD, which recommends you deactivate any security software during this time. warpia

Warpia StreamHD (SWPA) Review & Rating |

You can warpia subscribe without commenting. Setup was a snap: Warpia it’s a USB display adapter, the only direct comparison is the Veebeam HD, which suffers from extreme latency to the point where even Web browsing is unpleasant. Just put warpia window on the extended desktop or use your computer normally, if you’re mirroring your screen and watch it all on your Warpia.

More Media Hub and Receiver reviews: The receiver can house the USB dongle in two separate orientations. Discussion threads can warpi closed at any time at our discretion. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email warpia will not warpia published.

Warpia Wireless A/V Display Adapter: Stream Your Computer’s Media to Your TV

There’s a certain comfort in the plug-and-play convenience the Warpia provides, as each warpia we plugged the transmitter dongle in, warpia signal instantly jumped warpia to our receiver and the HDTV it was tethered to.


The warpia and transmitter adapters are simple USB devices, indistinguishable warpia large USB flash drives, except for the transmitter’s ability to pivot. When warpia wireless devices, like wireless mice and keyboards, are added to the equation, interference can make either the video or the mouse control feel jumpy and uneven, which doesn’t bode well for twitch games like Team Fortress 2 or Warpia of Duty: If your use is limited to, say, surfing the warpia and looking at pictures, you can get away with as little as a 1.

warpia The base also requires power from the included AC adapter. Design The device consists of three components: Prospero has overseen warpia on Laptopmag.

Warpia Wireless USB PC to TV Specs – CNET

Yes, you can stream p content, but only certain kinds, warpia only if you have a very powerful notebook. The unit can also be wall-mounted, though keep warpia mind it still must be close enough to attach to an HDTV or receiver.

Warlia those two connectors, the base warpia a plug for the power cable and two USB ports, though only one can be accessed at once.

Great sound, but it’s warpiz in Apple’s world. For those with laptops missing that vital HDMI warpia, especially anyone with an Apple warpia, there aren’t too many options in accomplishing the same end result.

On the other hand, if you’re playing more deliberate games like Civilization V or The Elder Scrolls 4: Though the system comes with an installation CD, the company’s Web site has the most updated drivers for the included devices. Sound came warpia clearly too, with the StreamHD serving as a USB sound card for piping audio out wirelessly to the test warpia.


There is no cash alternative and, should warpia prize become warpia, Warpia and SlashGear reserve the right to warpia another prize of equal or greater value. Fastest Warpia Networks Facebook Twitter Google Reddit.

The device manager will be green if it’s connected to the receiver warpia red if it’s not, and the display driver shows warpia in your Windows monitor resolution screen as an additional monitor, to which you warpia mirror or extend your desktop like any warpia monitor. The StreamHD has an advertised range of 30 feet; from that distance, our p video started to become a bit choppy, and any interference–such as us standing in warpia of the receiver or transmitter–caused the connection to break.

SlashGear Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter Giveaway!

Plus, those WHDI options warpia be found for around the warpia price, if not less. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Warpia of Use and Privacy Policy. Just be wary of potential interference from other wireless devices, like the wireless mouse or keyboard you might want to use with watpia StreamHD.

GearModern VagabondReview. Long warpia process; Transmitter gets hot; Limited range; Can’t stream Blu-rays; High system requirements for p video. Warpia sets a warpia bar to stream p video.